For more than two weeks, the number of new infections has exceeded the number of people defeated by the Coronavirus. Last week, 5,708 new infections were recorded, and 3,659 people have recovered during this time.

– The growth trend is stable and sustainable – Bulgarian Health Minister Kostdin Angelov informed. He added that the restrictions related to the Coronavirus in Bulgaria are the most liberal in the entire European Union. Regardless of the upward trend, we don’t expect any major restrictions yet – Angelov stressed.

In Bulgaria, there are currently 140 infected people per 100,000. People. The minister said that the possible implementation of new restrictions will take place when this rate exceeds 200 infections per 100,000. population.

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The country is at the bottom of the European Union

Bulgaria currently ranks 26th in the European Union for the number of cases and 15th for the number of deaths.

The conference also announced that testing for teachers and school personnel began on Wednesday. With 29 thousand. Tests were taken and found a positive result in 74 cases.

Vaccination of police officers also began on Wednesday, although Bulgaria, like the entire European Union, has problems providing vaccines.

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