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The government will allow mixing of COVID-19 vaccines

According to the researchers, the officially announced number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 “shows only a fraction of the total number of estimated infections. Research shows that about 65 million Americans may have contracted the coronavirus, although official figures are around 34 million.”

The basis of the study is data on the number of deaths and the number of positive tests received per day, as well as analysis of randomized tests in Indiana and Ohio. Randomly drawn samples provide strong evidence of true universality virus in the community, because it also contains data about getting sick People with asymptomatic infection, not just those who tested themselves after developing symptoms.

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Herd immunity? Delta variable checks scientists’ estimates

Researchers also indicate the percentage of the population that must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Until May, they assumed that such immunity would be obtained at about 80 percent. The vaccinated population, but with the rapidly spreading delta variant, the proportion needed increased dramatically and reached the threshold of at least 90 percent.

According to Johns Hopkins University, by Sunday United States of America 57 percent of the population was vaccinated with at least one dose vaccinationsand 49 percent. Americans are fully vaccinated.

However, there are significant differences in vaccination rates between states. The northeastern states have the highest vaccination rates while the southern and central western states have the lowest, so the highly contagious delta variant is spreading rapidly in Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana.

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In the United States, there is also a problem with the low rate of coronavirus vaccination among health care workers, which recently sparked a debate about whether vaccination against COVID-19 should be mandatory among these workers. On Monday, the American Medical Association issued a joint statement to groups of doctors and nurses calling for compulsory immunization among medical workers in the United States.

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