Flo Art House new space tenant at the Norblina Factory in Warsaw, Photo: Mat. Press statements

The Flow Art House art fair will be hosted at the Norblina Factory in Warsaw. The works of contemporary artists will be presented during rotating exhibitions in a specially modified 250sqm gallery space.

In the historical space of the Norlin Factory Flo Art House It will debut and open as one of the first concepts in the third quarter of this year. The exhibition display includes works by famous artists such as: Grażyna Smalej, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Katarzyna Adamek-Chase, Tomasz Prymon, Juliusz Kosin, Malina Wieczorek, Katarzyna Januszko and Ida Karkoszka as well as promising young talents. The collection includes carefully selected objects of the highest collector value in areas such as painting, sculpture and artistic photography. The exhibition will be located on the +2 floor.

– We chose this place not by chance. The Norplein Factory spaces will be joined by a unique artistic energy – the visual arts will seamlessly intertwine with the sounds of live music, and the spacious interior will allow you to interact freely with art, seven days a week, until late at night. We want to become part of the cultural life of the capital and allow our guests a free connection to artistic creativity of the highest level – regardless of whether they want to think about it on their own or want to participate in curatorial tours. We are also planning to actively participate in the creation of the cultural calendar of the Norlin Factory, and to organize many events thanks to which we will be able to discover new talents, support artists and spread knowledge in this field – he says Marta Karajenta z Flow Art House.

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Flow Art House is another cultural concept that will feature on display for the renovated Norblin Factory.

The exhibition program includes: verse periodicals, exhibitions, meetings with authors, as well as thematic discussions with representatives of the world of art and culture. Art auctions will also be an important component of their business. Anyone interested in purchasing the exhibited works will be able to benefit from professional advice from exhibition representatives, who will provide advice on how to create a unique collection in a private home, corporate headquarters, public or commercial space.

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