The Nintendo Switch OLED platform has been thoroughly checked for previous leaks. The Japanese actually updated not only the design of the dock, but also took care of the support for 4K gaming … although the console still could not provide such a resolution.

Already last week, there were indications that Nintendo Switch OLED received an improved dockHowever, it was only the first presentation of the console that allowed to thoroughly examine the device and the interesting information was already confirmed.

A player with the nickname KawlunDram dismantled the dock of a Nintendo Switch OLED and The Japanese paid attention to the new chip, which was announced as “4K UHD multimedia SoC”. Perhaps it was this element that was discovered by fans of the hybrid platform at the beginning of the year – 4K was mentioned in the Nintendo Switch firmware update.

KawlunDram mentions that the Tegra X1, which is on the Nintendo Switch, offers 4K/60fps support, but without the extra power we can’t count on playing at a higher resolution.

Nothing really changes when the Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t offer 4K and 60fps gameplay, but Nintendo has already decided to improve the dock.

However, it should be remembered that the company has prepared a “firmware update” option for the new terminal, which may indicate the development of new functions. As you may know, Nintendo has recently made it possible to use Bluetooth audio devices.