Netflix has informed who we’ll see in the next season of “The Crown,” which presents the fate of the King of Great Britain.

“the crown” It is a British-American biographical series that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth IIIt is the longest reign of Great Britain. The first and second seasons focused on the beginning of her reign in 1947-1964. The third season is, of course, a presentation of the next period of her reign, and we are talking about the years 1964-1977. In the fourth part of the story, we saw the period 1972-1981, when events known to most of us from newspapers, popular culture, or history lessons took place. We are currently waiting for season 5, where we will be able to see our modern day.

Queen Elizabeth II

Źródło: royal family

Due to the fact that the series was supposed to represent a very long period of time, the creators had to decide to change the cast on a regular basis. And so, in seasons one and two we saw a little girl in the title role Claire FoyAnd the next two Olivich Coleman. It was supposed to come as a surprise to the viewers who we will see in season 5 and so today the creators announced that the new role-playing is a very talented actress. Imelda Staunton.

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Surely she is known to many of us, after all, the woman appeared in such hits as: “Vera Drake“,”proud and angry“, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix“,”Nanny‘and ‘whispers’ and ‘wise and romantic’, and this is only a small part of her artistic production. Dolores Umbridge They will be able to check their engagements – the role of Queen Elizabeth II suits her perfectly. Anyway, just find out for yourself how amazing she looks in makeup in the photo above.

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