In Shreveport-Bossier City, Polish women will play their first League of Nations tournament, which begins on June 1. Then they will move to Quezon City in the Philippines (June 14-19) and will complete their main stage in Sofia (June 28-July 2).

The Polish team, like any other LN player, will play 12 matches; Lavarini will face charges in Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Japan, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic and China.

The final tournament will be held in Ankara from July 13-17, with the participation of the eight best teams from the regular round.


Elijah Grabka
Katarzyna Wienerska
Joanna Woese


Monica Video
Susanna Gorica
Martina Dukasek
Olivia Różański
Veronica Slagowska


Claudia Alajerska
Alexandra Greca
Agnieszka Kąkolewska
Camilla Witkoska


Maria Stenzel
Alexandra Szczygowska

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