The Peugeot 308 SW is approximately 30 cm long from the hatchback. She looks better than him.

The new generation 308 has grown significantly. The hatchback is 11 cm longer than its predecessor and measures 4.36 metres. And now we look at the station wagon, that is, the SW version, which is still 27 cm longer than the hatchback and exactly 4.63 meters in length. Is it still compressed?

The extra centimeters go between the axles (+5.5 cm) and the rear (+21 cm), which means more space for passengers seated on the sofa and an extra liter of boot capacity. There’s a lot more to the latter, because we jump from 412 liters in the hatchback to 608 liters in the SW version. This is not a class history yet, but you will have to try to fill this box.

New Peugeot 308 SW

Of course, the rear seat backrest can be folded down – in a ratio of 40/20/40

When folded, the load capacity increases to 1634 liters, and even items with a length of 185 cm can be placed in the cabin. I’d risk saying you could even sleep in such a box. Or it is convenient to install half the house using nets, hooks and the like, which are installed on the company with an additional 12V socket and LED lighting for the charging space.

New Peugeot 308 SW

I wouldn’t be clever about the design of the back of the body, since I know nothing about it, I will add personally that it looks great in my opinion. The 308 SW doesn’t look like it had a big forcibly pulled belly, looking at the photos, I’d venture to say that the SW is nicer than the hatchback. We will live – we will see her alive – we will judge.

Aside from the extended cabin (extra wheelbase) and large trunk, the SW is similar to a hatchback

in another meaning. It has an identical cockpit, with a distinctive display that replaces the instrument panel and the gear lever replaced with a key (of course, on versions with automatic). It also has a long list of safety and driver assistance systems, the second level of autonomous driving, i.e. driver support while driving on the highway, or automatic stop and start in traffic jams, as well as the indispensable interior display, including the climate control display air. But there is nothing to complain about, because you can chat with the 308 and ask for a temperature change without touching anything. As long as he understands us.

The list of command units is also the same

Very wide, because it includes 3 modules with different configurations energy box – From a 1.2 with 130 hp, through a 1.5 diesel with 130 hp to a plug-in hybrid 1.6 Puretec 150 or 180 hp. The latter is scheduled to travel up to 60 km in the stream alone.

The Mulhouse plant is already preparing for production, and the first cars will appear at the end of this or early next year.