The President thanks everyone who has been involved in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. And he praises the Polish strategy for this battle – that’s how Edita Lewandowska started Monday’s issue of “Wiadomości”.

The issue of vaccinations has been on the agenda several times And each time it was confirmed how successful the Polish government was in terms of the number of vaccinated people compared to other European Union countries. We are undoubtedly among the leaders, but which one? There was no approval for this in “Wiadomości”. First, the host of the program declared that Poland was at the forefront of vaccination rates. Then viewers heard that “Poland has been at the forefront of Europe for many days”. Only the latter is correct.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, more than 2.7 million vaccines have been conducted in Poland (1.7 million first doses).. 7.1 out of every 100 people have already received the vaccine, which puts our country first in Europe after Malta (12.82), & nbspDania (8.36), and nbspex aequo with & nbspRumunia. Unfortunately, your viewers will not discover the “news” from & nbspgraphics described in the & nbspprogram.

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From the list compiled by the editorial office of TVP, it can be concluded that Poland is second to none. However, there are many countries that cope with vaccination worse. A selective menu was quickly discovered by netizens, and soon the & nbspagram from “Wiadomości” began to spread on the web. Given the data collected by the TVP editorial office, it can in fact (erroneously) be concluded that there is only one leader in & nbspUE and that is Poland.

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In terms of data on vaccination rate on a global scale, Poland is not doing well and we are far from the top. About & nbsp did not say this in “Wiadomości”. A vaccination score of 7.1 per 100 inhabitants does not place Poland in the top 20. At the moment, Israel ranks first among the countries, having already vaccinated half of the adult population. Their vaccination rate is 79 per 100 people. Then there are world leaders, among others Great Britain (26.79 – sixth place), and the United States closed the top ten with a score of 20.31.