The Świdnica Pass is back in a new edition as a space for social dialogue, information and multiculturalism. The dialogue corridor kept running there from now on.

Let us remind you of that The Dialogue Corridor managed by the Wroclaw Center for Social Development will find its place in the Passage Innovation CenterWe reported it at the beginning of the year. The facility in the new formula has just started its operation.

Passage of Dialogue is an information point where you can learn about current social activities carried out by Wrocław institutions and NGOs. It is also a place where you can take part in the workshop and talk to local activists and activists. Here will take place the events that show in a practical way what dialogue is and why it is so important The investigating judge announces.

According to the officials, the Dialogue Pass has 350 square meters of modern space, 8 spaces separated by a system of roller blinds, and an interior design with less waste and display space. Already there you can enjoy the verbal installation made by the artists of Wroclaw painters and landscape architects Katarzyna Kobierska and Kamila Rogaczewska.

The transition dialogue responds to current needs in the field of social dialogue. We are proud of our ability to create a unique place that becomes a space for women and residents of Wroclaw to meet, understand each other and collaborate to support the development of dialogue – He says Dorota FelixDirector of the Wroclaw Center for Social Development.

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Since the design years and the green area

As Judge explains, the idea behind arranging the corridor is the motto “life after life,” as well as making the space modular, warm, and inspiring. That is why old furniture is used with new upholstery in transitional colors. Among the furniture, among others, characteristic armchairs of Polish and lower design, for example Kudowa III and Kłodzko models. The groups of architects Rewizja and Prolog based on Wrocław are responsible for arranging the space.

8 functional spaces separated by a roller blind system. Among them is a green area – an exhibition of more than 40 plants, with illumination adapted to underground life. An additional element is the gallery made up of chords that indicate the idea of ​​dialogue. Environmental workshops for children, teenagers and adults will be organized in the space. The green spaces were designed by a group of green enthusiasts, architects and engineers: Tecla – Architektura i Urbanistyka and the Plastformers Foundation.

The center is a place for dialogue. Residents and guests will be able to learn about the social initiatives implemented by the city and NGOs here. It will be a place where immigrants will be able to get information about programs directed at them, and get answers on topics that are important to them. Residents of Wroclaw will be able to join ongoing programs or gain knowledge of how and where to implement their own ideas reach Bartłomiej Świerczewski, Director of the Department of Social Affairs in the Marshal’s Office.

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In Przejście Dialogu an offer has also been created for residents and new residents of the city who will receive support in everyday and official matters. Counseling is provided by the municipality’s WroMigrant Point Team (WCRS) and the Institute for Migrant Rights.

The opening of the dialogue corridor shows once again that Wroclaw is mainly people and social capital. The Immigrant Rights Institute, as one of the organizations, is honored to contribute to this place. A place that invites the people of Wroclaw to joint discussions and meetings is an invaluable initiative – Confirms Bartomeg PotockiDirector of the Immigrant Rights Institute.

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First, Dialogopolis’21

There is also an exhibition space here, the activity of which will start with an initiative in the name of the work “Social Lab”. Crossing Dialog is also a co-working area, and in the following weeks, discussions, exhibitions, workshops and small concerts will be organized there. Selected events will also be broadcast online.

As part of the project, we want to encourage residents to jointly create a place, so we invite you to submit ideas and initiatives. You can suggest, for example, organizing a workshop, group meeting or language exchange classes. The main condition is the relationship with the social theme and the non-commercial nature of the event – he adds Dorota Felix.

The inaugural event will be Dialogopolis’21 – Month of Intercultural Dialogue and Education. As part of discussions, workshops and artistic activities in the Wroclaw Space, the topic of language education will be discussed, that is, how to learn dialogue and what its impact on social communication. Dialogopolis will run until October 26th.

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The dialogue corridor is open on business days from 9.00 to 17.00. Exceptionally in October, the organizers invite you to additional evening meetings as part of Dialogopolis’21.