The service building with the boat office will be built in the port of Chernyakovsky. As announced by the city authorities, it is set to be “beautiful, multifunctional and attract residents to the Vistula River”. You can already submit your entry for the architectural competition, which is due to be settled on April 25. Details below.

The boat desk can be clearly seen from Wisłostrada – It’s a little blue house opposite Solec. A modern two-storey building will be erected there from the city side and an additional underground floor on the slope from the Vistula side.

This will be a key element in the revitalization of Chernyakovsky port. Here the world of water sports enthusiasts meets the city. There are about 150 mooring places in the port, there are residential barges, minor repairs can be done there, official formalities are handled at the boat office. We want residents to be able to see this world at the boating office and get information about all kinds of sports, leisure and sailing activities that take place all season in the Vistula. Let it be just a closed place for boats – says Jan Petrovsky, Presidential Advocate for the Vistula.

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This season alone, we have been able to organize kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and sailing lessons for kids and teens. In the fall, a floating sauna began to operate in the port area and there are new berths for kayaking, as well as polo. Both ideas are realized within the framework of the civil budget.

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