The NATO Summit will be held on June 29-30 in the Spanish capital. Then very important decisions can be taken, also for the security of Poland. This includes the permanent presence of coalition forces in Poland. The government and the president are striving for such a situation.

– This is the main decision of Poland’s security, in the context of What is happening in Ukraine. “Given what the Russians are doing, we can’t predict when and where they will stop,” said Piotr Wurzyk, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland’s Radio 24.

– Therefore, the only thing that can stop them on the Polish-Ukrainian border is the permanent presence of NATO in Poland in the form of permanent bases and a permanent presence of soldiers, led by the Americans. Otherwise, the deputy minister explained how it would turn out, referring to the aggressive position of Russia and its subsequent threats to the state in our region.

The United States and Poland

As the Polskie Radio 24 guest pointed out, Poland’s most powerful ally – the United States – understands our arguments.

On the American side, it is important to understand our arguments. While negotiations are underway, let’s wait for them to finish. Various variables are involved. Right now, the possibility of one of them couldn’t be said to be lower, said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– Americans are well aware of the fact that it is necessary to increase the presence of NATO in countries such as Poland and Romania, but also in the Baltic states. On the American side, there is an understanding of our hypothesis – summed up by Pyotr Wurzyk.

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