A mysterious metal monolith appeared on the bank of a river in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. These are the latest in a series of similar items that have recently appeared in Europe and the United States.

According to local media, runners noticed a triangular pole during their morning run on the Vistula.

It is about three meters high, has a matte silver paint, and is mounted in the sand of the riverbank near a large bridge.

The Warsaw District authorities informed the Vistula on Facebook: “A mysterious and unusual structure has been created on the beach on the right bank (river).”

“If you spend your time actively on the banks of the Vistula River, it will not escape your attention,” they added, without elaborating.

But it did not impress some Warsaw residents.

“I was expecting some kind of metaphysical experience, but it is not very influential,” a woman who visited the site on Thursday, declining to be named, told AFP.

Nobody is responsible for the installation since Thursday.

Similar-looking creatures are found in the United States, Romania and the United Kingdom.

The first structure appeared in the news after a brief appearance in the Utah Desert late last month and two days later in Southern California and Romania.

Another appeared on a beach on the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England on Sunday before tourists stumbled upon another beach in the Netherlands that day.

The facility’s appearance in Utah in late November sparked wild rumors of extraterrestrial visits because it looked like a black nugget from the science fiction movie Stanley Kubrick. 2001: Space Flight.

An anonymous art group appreciated the installation in Utah, but as in Poland, no one took responsibility for those in Romania, the Isle of Wight, or the Netherlands.