A new strain of Corona virus is spreading in Europe. The first cases of the British coronavirus were detected over Christmas in other countries – including. In Spain and Sweden.

A new strain of coronavirus It has already been confirmed, among others in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Vice President of the Ministry of Health in the Madrid region, Antonio Zapatero, confirmed, on Saturday, that a British variant of the Corona virus was detected in four people. All infected people previously were in Great Britain. More people suspected of having a new strain of the virus are already being tested, but test results will not be available until Tuesday or Wednesday. Patients are not seriously ill. We know this strain is more contagious, but it does not cause more serious disease. Don’t worry, Zapatero assured him.

Sarah Beavers from the Public Health Authority (FHM) in Sweden also announced the new variant of the Coronavirus on Saturday. But in this country, it is all about one person at the moment. She also recently traveled from the islands, according to Byfors, an infected person came on December 20 at Christmas to a family living in the South Stockholm area of ​​Soedermland. The test is carried out immediately after the first symptoms appear – fever and weakness.

It is known that the patient was traveling in a large car in a group of several people. “They were all wearing masks or masks, and they were traveling with their windows shut,” said the infectious disease control doctor in Sodermland. He also added, the risk of further mutation spreading is low. The results of the people who traveled with them are negative.

Corona virus mutated in more European countries

Earlier, on Friday night to Saturday, the General Directorate of Health in France reported the first case of a new coronavirus mutation. Infected with this type of corona virus, he came from the city of Tours, where he came on December 19 from Great Britain, where he works. The Frenchman is currently suffering from infection without symptoms; French media reported that he is in isolation at his home.

Regarding the UK’s balance sheet, it is unclear what part of the current infections is the new form of the Coronavirus, which authorities say has caused the spike in infections in recent days in England. On Wednesday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that a new type of virus discovered in the United Kingdom had undergone another mutation and had become more contagious.