It has been said for a long time that the area at the entrance to the Pozna International Fair is a bad show for Pozna.

Thomas Hegna became interested in the case. The degree of distortion of this space is overwhelming. In this context, MTP’s arrogance rivals many of the other ad ailments I encounter often in Poznan. It is also painful that the MTP Supervisory Board includes the deputy mayor of Pozna who is in charge of the city’s widely understood space – Writes. – In my opinion the area between the so-called aquarium and the road should be free of any advertising media and other things. The rude media visible in the photos is completely wrong in its form, color and location and shows visitors to Poznan (railway station) how little we know about aesthetics. This also applies to the tall banners on the supports standing next to the aquarium, approved by the Municipal Conservator of Monument. It is a mixture that severely attacks aesthetically sensitive individuals. And although this area is in a legally protected area for conservation protection, I understand that it may seem to some that there is nothing special for protection there – He adds.

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Hajna demanded the Memorial Preservation Office to cancel the permits issued to deface this space and to issue an order to clean the space from advertising media. – City Hall Department of Town Planning and Architecture, I ask that you take steps to make this space more aesthetic and free it from intrusive objects. These ads should disappear, and the only acceptable form of communication between MTP and public spaces in this place is an LED screen behind the aquarium glass.

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We asked the city council if the advertisements at the entrance to the MTP building were placed there legally. – The City Monument Preservation Office has initiated administrative procedures that involve checking the legality of, among other things, the indicated advertising media. The inspection will take place at the end of June. Explains Jacek Maleszka, Deputy Director of the Antiquities Preservation Office. – If irregularities are found, ITC will use the tools available to it under the Antiquities Protection and Custody Act – He adds.