A Reddit user, a popular internet forum in the US, praised his discovery on Google Maps. located in the field of Finland, in the municipality of Suomussalmi, in the Kainuu district. At first glance, you can see some characters that look like ghosts of horror movies or zombies, as network users suggest. “Why were they there?” man asks. There is an answer to that.

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The explanation for the strange discovery on Google Maps turned out to be simple. In fact, when we search the web for other photos from that area, we will see … scarecrows.

It’s an art installation called The Silent People. Its creator is Reijo Kela – dancer and choreographer. Scarecrows have been in this place since 1994. The total number of scarecrows is about a thousand.

And even though they look completely innocent during the day, they terrified me more than once at night drivers. The European route E63 runs next to it.

on me Google Maps They look awful. The description of a Reddit user, who recently touched upon the topic of curly hair, shows just how much regular netizens react to it.

This is the scariest discovery I’ve made. I was “bored with life” that day and the fact that I haven’t found anything horrible recently when browsing Google Maps until… I came across it! And while it sounds scary, it’s not what you think. I immediately asked myself: Why were they there? I found on the Internet the answer is that it was installed by an artist .. it appeared!

– We read. This is an excerpt from a post that appeared on the online Reddit forum.

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Source: The Sun, metro.co.uk

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