Db Bartek has received funding from the European Union. As part of the project, a number of attractions and facilities will be created around the Świętokrzyskie Natural Monument.

  • A nature and educational pathway, parking lot, playground and area for the elderly will be built around the most famous Polish tree, Oak Bartek in Zagnańsk.
  • EU support for all these tasks will amount to approximately 2.2 million PLN.

On Wednesday, the Marshal of Svetokrzyskie District, Andrei Petkovsky, and Deputy Field Marshal Renata Janik, signed a contract to co-finance the implementation of the project “Development of Land in the Dąb Bartek Nature Monument in Zagnańsk Municipality”.

Thanks to the project implemented with the support of the European Union, the areas around Bartek’s Oak will acquire a new glow, and a modern, tourist-friendly space will be created that combines educational values ​​with sightseeing. I am convinced that this will contribute to the popularization of knowledge in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development, and will also serve the social and economic development of the Zagnańsk community – said Bętkowski.

The scope of the project includes the implementation of an educational nature and path with elements of the educational infrastructure. Will be set, among other things. Councils: Species that present the valuable species of flora and fauna found in the area, as well as multimedia and educational boards with a municipality map and bike paths.

Devices such as a compass, sundial, anemometer, xylophone, rain tubes, and small architectural elements are also planned to be assembled. In addition, a car park will be built with 58 places for passenger cars, three places for the disabled and three places for buses. In addition, a playground and an area for the elderly will be built.

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Partic oak has a height of 28.5 meters and a girth of 13.4 meters to the ground. Its impressive size and no less impressive history make it a permanent point of visit on the tourist route of our region.

The co-financing of the European Union for the project amounted to 2 million and 180 thousand. PLN, the total value of which is 2 million 565 thousand. PLN.

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