British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that the United Kingdom would double the number of its troops stationed in Estonia and send additional tanks and armored fighting vehicles to the country.

There are currently around 900 British soldiers in Estonia, and they form the backbone of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) operation in the country.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Royal Welsh Infantry Regiment’s battle group will begin relocating to Estonia from the Sennellager training ground in Germany on Wednesday and is expected to arrive within the next week.

“In cooperation with our NATO allies, we are deploying forces and resources on land, sea and air to strengthen European defense in response to the build-up of Russian military forces on the Ukrainian border. Ukraine will face consequences for the invasion,” said Minister Wallace, who attended the NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting on Wednesday. dire.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government began talking about a possible reinforcement of British forces in Estonia at the end of January, and later announced that it might double the current number of soldiers. This issue was one of the topics discussed in Johnson’s conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg last week. (PAP)

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