The mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrovsky, was fined for smoking a cigar in his office. Sam reported it on social media.

“It happens that the president of Krakow pays fines. After I complained that there was a cigar in my office, I received a ticket from the municipal police. Well, this happened … in advance – sometimes I also use ugly words” – Majchrowski wrote.

The mandate was issued by the President’s City Guard. “A resident came to us and expressed his readiness to testify against the president for smoking in his workplace. The man attached photos and a film as evidence,” – said Marek Anyo, spokesperson for the Krakow City Guard.

According to the anti-smoking law, smoking is prohibited in the workplace. “As in every such case, the proceedings began, which the President informed us of. It was he who decided to accept the notice of punishment, which ended the proceedings,” – told Marek Anew.

Neither the president nor SM said how high the mandate was. Under the office of the president, a debate broke out between those who believed that the official should not smoke in the workplace, the President of Krakow is no exception, and everyone should be equal before the law and those who do not smoke a cigarette or a cigar. Sin, and in their opinion against Jacek Majchrowski reported envy people.

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