Although the Polish team did not score a full set of points on Wednesday, based on the reaction of more than 56,000 people at PGE Narodowy, after the final whistle of the referee, they still gave their fans plenty of joy. “Thank you!” the hosts who went down to the bedroom said goodbye to loud cries.

No defeat at the National Stadium since 2014

The draw with England made an impression on the public not only because it was “torn” in the final minutes and because it was a point against my favorite group, the European runners-up. This result puts Poland in a more comfortable position in the competition with Hungary and Albania for second place, and is rewarded with promotion to the play-offs. With five more points and leading the table, England is now out of reach.

Moreover, the hosts can still boast a series of unbeaten matches at the Warsaw Arena, which has been going on since March 2014.

In the first half, the fight was even, but it was not exciting. The Polish side fired two shots on target, but neither of them forced Europe’s goalkeeper and runner-up, Jordan Pickford, to make an effort.

The first dangerous situation Sousa players created in the 29th minute, when Robert Lewandowski fought for the ball in the left flank with great dedication, played it to Carol Linetti, and then received a pass back from him when he ran into the penalty area. . He had a chance to direct the ball into the net, but it was at an uncomfortable height for the Polish captain, and the Bayern Munich striker could only push it a little towards Pickford.

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The visitors’ best chance in the first half of the match was wasted a few minutes before by Kane who had not yet seen a cross from the right side of the field, but put his head poorly on the ball and played across the goal. , not forcing Wojciech Szczesny to intervene.

Stormy emotions on the grass

When German referee Daniel Seibert finished the first half, there were quarrels in which almost all players from both teams took part. When the feelings subsided, the referee summoned central defenders Kamil Glick and Harry Maguire and showed him yellow cards.

The English made their first shot on target in the 53rd minute, when Calvin Phillips tried his luck from distance. Szczęsny saved this snapshot without any problems. However, the guests gained an advantage with each minute after changing sides, had to return to the defense less and less often, and patiently launched attacks on the slightly exhausted half of the Poles.

In the 61st minute, after a confusion under the goal, Maguire hit the post, and after a while the referee stopped play because of Raheem Sterling’s offside.

In the 66th minute, left-back Timothy Bochacz showed a good side, taking advantage of the passivity of the English defense and storming the penalty area with individual actions. However, he fired a shot into the side nets. Five minutes later, Lewandowski tried from distance, but although he scored accurately, it was too easy to surprise Pickford.

A moment later, on the other side of the field, Kane made a similar attempt, had more time to prepare for the shot and used it. Szczęsny was covered by Jan Bednarek and the Polish goalkeeper did not have time to respond in time.

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He was close to the odd goal in the 82nd minute, when Pickford delayed the ball in a long-off position and hit a shot by Karol Soederski, who ran onto the field 20 minutes earlier behind Adam Boksa. The ball was heading towards the goal but the England goalkeeper managed to catch the ball and avoid the danger.

goal at the end of the match

In the end, Lewandowski showed great reception after a long pass, who tried to defeat Pickford with a technical shot from tens of meters or so, but did not hit the target. However, this was a signal that prompted the hosts to more and more daring attacks, which affected in extra time – after Lewandowski’s left cross, Szymański headed the ball into the net, scoring the first goal in the national team.

Poland is third in Group A with 11 points behind England – 16 and Albania – 12. The Hungarians scored 10 points.

Ahead of the white and red team, matches at home with San Marino and Hungary and away with Albania and Andorra are still ahead.

Congratulations from the Head of State and Prime Minister

“Bravo! The character you showed in this match shows the courage of Poland. Congratulations!” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter.

“Oh, Mom! What a horror! But gentlemen, white and red, respect playing with the character until the last minute. My respect is great. Bravo! Thank you! Brother…we are still playing for promotion!” – President Andrzej Duda confirmed.

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