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Prom season is in full swing, and the star kids are also in on the fun. On Saturday, January 15, Fabienne Wiśniewska enjoyed a ball organized by the school. Mandarin gave an account of the preparations that began the day before the event and posted humorous videos on Instagram.

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The Mandarin showed Fabien’s preparations for the party. Hair, makeup and learning to wear high heels

Mandarin decided to report on how her daughter is preparing for the prom. They spent the night before the event in high spirits. They were visited by a friend known as the Queen of the Peach. Fabian used his skills and decided to learn from him … how to walk in high heels. Everything was recorded by her mother.

Attention, Philo teaches Fabka to walk in high heels before tomorrow’s party – said the Mandarin on InstaStories.

Fabienne Wiśniewska learns bolognese and walks in high heels before the promFabienne Wiśniewska learns bolognese and walks in high heels before the prom Photo:

The situation ended with laughter and singing together. There was also the practice of Bolognese. On the day of the party, the three of them went to town for further preparations.

The day of the party started, i.e. Fabka’s preparations for the party. We’ll report back because I think it’s going to be a bad whip — said the Mandarin at InstaStories, throwing the video out of the car.

Adriana Kalska / Adriana Kalska and Michał RoznerskiMikołaj Roznerski is no longer with Adriana Kalska. Actress Comments

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Later, she accompanied her daughter to the make-up artist, as well as to the hairdresser, showing the finished result. Fabian chose an unusual, smoothly combed pony that day. I also decided on the so-called little czarn ± Deep neck, puff sleeves and sandals pin. Fabien was accompanied on that day not only by his partner, his brother Xavier, but also by both parents. Proud Mandarin also recorded the moment the students dance to the bolognese. She also added a picture of her children signed “How proud I am”.

Curious what the heroine of the evening looked like that day? More frames from Fabienne Wiśniewska’s preparations and party can be found in our gallery at the top of the page.

The Mandarin showed Fabien's preparations for the party.  They went to the hairdresser togetherThe Mandarin showed Fabien’s preparations for the party. They went to the hairdresser together Photo: