Regulations From sim The House Marshal, Elipita Wittek, is now allowed to hold committee and subcommittee meetings during Epidemic. the left I want to remove this record. In the draft resolution amending the House bylaws, left-wing politicians want the committee chair to make a decision on calling for remote meetings. However, the marshal will have an effect, for example, on the number of people who might be in the room where the session is taking place at the same time.

“The proposed draft resolution restores the proper functioning of parliamentary committees while maintaining appropriate health standards. The committee chair will be able to hold meetings in accordance with the will of the legislator from 1992 and the established parliamentary practice” – reads the justification of the draft.

“The temporary transfer of this power to the Marshall of the House of Representatives is not justified at present,” adds Luika.

Commonwealth of Independent States: The marshal does not abuse his powers

As he indicates “Republic”The opposition accuses Al-Libitah of obstructing or postponing the meetings of some committees, which may be inappropriate for the government. In July of last year we were informed that the Marshall House of Representatives repeatedly postponed the meeting of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, when it was scheduled to deal with matters including, With a nod from Law and Justice Party Representative Joanna Lishuka. The committee finally met on the matter on August 7.

The Sejm Information Center informed in a statement sent to “Rzeczpospolita” that from March to December 2020, at the 586th Committee meetings, Sejm Marshal Elżbieta Witek refused approval in 19 cases, and changed the appointment in 34 cases.