The League of Nations is one of the last serious tests of the level of the Poles before the Olympic Games. Piao Zeroni won his first two matches (3:0 with Italy and 3:1 with Serbia). In the third match, the players Vitala Heinina Unfortunately, they faltered and gave up three points for the Slovenian national team, which after five matches can achieve four victories and one defeat. The last victory of the Poles (3-0 with Australia) placed her third in the table before the fifth round.

On Friday, June 4, the Polish team will face the United States, which has so far scored only victories with the teams of Canada and Argentina. The Americans are only ninth in the table, three points behind the Polish team.

The League of Nations. Poland – USA – Watching location and times of the match

The Poland-US meeting will take place on Friday 4 June at 6pm, live broadcasts will be available on TVP2 and Polsat Sport, as well as online on the TVP Sport website and on

The League of Nations. Table

Below we present the state of the table after four meetings of the League of Nations.

Area points adjust balance
1 France 11 12:3
2 Russia 10 11:11
3 Poland
9 10:10
4 Slovenia 9 10:10
5 Brazil 9 9: 4
6 Serbia 9 10:6
7 Japan 7 10: 7
8 Germany 7 10: 8
9 United States of America 6 7: 7
10 Iran 6 7: 7
11 Bulgaria 5 7: 9
12 Canada 3 5:9
13 Italy 2 4:11
14 Argentina 2 4:11
15th Holland 1 3:12
16 Australia 0 1:12
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