The Garden and Public Space Art Festival is held in the park in Lublin. This is the last day of the party. The program includes several workshops, piano playing and panel discussions, among others, the role of biodiversity in the city and water retention in the home garden.

look at the pictures: Garden Festival and Public Space Art in the Garden

– Here, the creators show us how nature will affect our reality and how it should affect it – says the festival’s artistic director, Wojciech Januszic. – Someone recently said it’s getting hotter and what are we going to do as human beings? Most likely, we will only increase the air conditioning power and nothing else. In this sentence, we should think carefully about whether that is what it is about, or if we should not accidentally begin to look at these pockets and the reality of nature that surrounds us, and start drawing from them, using them and supporting them. It develops in the same way in the city as it often develops abroad.

A walk with the park designers is scheduled for 17.00. The festival takes place in the historical grounds of the Perła brewery at ul. Bernardinska. The program is available On the event website.

ZAlew / Ed. Disp

Photo Iona Burdzanovska

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