You tell the portal that Galaxy C5She, who began her flight at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, arrived in Poznan on the night of March 13. Spent about 4 hours in awica airport. It was his first visit to this city in history, but it wasn’t his first in Poland. Earlier, the C-5 Galaxy landed, among others, in Gdansk and Wroclaw.

The visit was not a coincidence. The giant plane came to Poland as part of the transport operations carried out. These are the measures that the United States is implementing to increase the security of NATO’s eastern flank, namely Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and the Baltic states.

The C-5 Galaxy cargo ship was manufactured by the Lockheed Corporation. As one of the largest machines of this type in the world, it can accommodate entire military units equipped with heavy equipment, such as tanks. It has a capacity of about 880 cubic meters and dimensions Galaxy C5 It’s really impressive, especially when it comes to cargo space. It grows up to 36 m in length, 4.1 m in height and 5.8 m in width, respectively. The entire aircraft is 75.5 meters long and has a wingspan of 67.9 meters. spoke with USAFE-AFRICA press officer, Captain Eric D. Anthony about the process. During the interview, the officer admitted that “the ability to transport through various civilian airports in Europe supports the ability of the United States Air Force to support global operations.” This is critical to the aforementioned strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank.

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