Biographical and Romantic Drama in the Cinema of Kuźnica. check it out

“Skłodowska” Great Britain, allowed from 15 years, biography / drama, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 5 pm, ambitious young Maria Skودodowska comes to France to study at the famous Sorbonne University, which is her big dream, and soon he will make a breakthrough not only in the life of the young woman , But in the whole world. But the beginnings are difficult. Nobody takes seriously the scientific plans and theories of little Maria. Men are zealously eager to be admitted to the highest levels of the scientific profession. However, Skłodowska’s genius, stubbornness and courage will soon begin to crush this resistance. And the unusual discoveries that she and her husband Pierre Curie would make would bring her a well-deserved place in the scientific pantheon.

USA “Sound of Metal”, allowed from 15 years, drama, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 7 pm They only have themselves and the music. Robin is a passionate drummer and even a successful singer. When they go on tour and dream about releasing their first album, Robin begins to lose his hearing overnight. In an instant, the life he knew and loved so far is in ruins, and the future becomes very unknown. However, Luo’s girlfriend doesn’t give up and decides to do everything to save Robin and what they have in common so far.


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