Heads of Poland and Lithuania Andre Duda And the Gitanas Nosida And the defense ministers of the two countries on Thursday at one in the afternoon. Szypliszki They visited it on the isthmus of Suwałki Multinational Division Northeast Mobile Command Center.

Isthmus of Suwayki Many experts know it as Strategic for the entire North Atlantic. This isthmus is the surrounding area SuwałkiAnd the Augusto And the Sejn, connecting Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic states, and at the same time separates from Belarus from Kaliningrad Oblast. It is an important corridor that directly connects NATO allies in our region. According to Politico journalists, Suwałki Gap is currently the most dangerous place in the world.

The isthmus is basically the area responsible for it 16. Mechanical DivisionEspecially since it belongs to her 15. Mechanized Brigade.

There is also a multinational battalion combat group from the United States, operating under eFP (Strengthening Forward Presence) – an international defense initiative, consisting of strengthening the forward presence on the eastern side of NATO.

allies of RomaniaAnd the Great Britain And the Croatia. The group cooperates on a daily basis with the 15th Brigade. Poland plays a special role in the eFP initiative – it is a host country, but also a delegate country.

NATO’s advanced presence The initiative to maintain a limited military presence in the form of battle group battalions on the territory of the coalition countries was approved. During the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016. They include: Adapted Forward Presence (tFP) in . format Bulgaria And the Romania and Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in . format PolandAnd the Estonia on me Lithuania And the Latvia.

In addition to the “re-armament” of this strategic division recently named by Politico Gate ‘First point of contact“In shockThe clashes between Russia and NATOIt is also important to build a common security system for Poland and Lithuania.

Later, after visiting the Multinational Division Northeast Mobile Command Headquarters, he will visit the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania Logistics Battalion they. Grand Duke of Lithuania Witten in Mariambolo.