The iPhone 14 Pro stands next to the iPhone 13 Pro. We can compare its design and dimensions directly. They are preparing for changes, but are they really for the better?

We’ve known what it would look like for a while iPhone 14 Pro. A rather controversial degree slit, but also slightly changed design and proportions. You can now see it stacked alongside the iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro side by side – Design comparison

Today’s offerings – or rather, the drawings – are based on CAD drawings. This is a very reliable source of information about the iPhone 14 Pro design. author (Tweet embed) also tend to create shows in the near future – can’t wait. As of today, we can see that there will be three major changes to the look of the top-of-the-line Apple phone.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro / Photo: ianzeibo

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The first and most notable are, of course, the holes instead slit. It seems to be a little narrower than the indentation – believe me, I measured it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be more notifications, just like last year. The proportions have also changed slightly – the iPhone 14 Pro will be a little taller and a little narrower. This is good for the work environment.

The last thing is thinner frames, so better interface management. They are exactly the same, which is something to be proud of. However, it should be noted that all these changes will almost certainly affect the Pro version only. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will look almost like 2021. Of course, the Max model will be properly “stretched”.

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