The iPhone 14 Max may unfortunately appear with an outdated OLED display with 60Hz refresh. There will be no energy efficient LTPO technology and that could be a big problem for Apple.

service electricity reports that iPhone 14 Max It can have a disappointing display, even for Apple fans. Android users will greet it with a sarcastic smile, because the Xiaomi phone for PLN 600 offers an incomparably smoother interface. The good news is that this is not done yet.

What could such a leak be? Well, of course, the refresh rate, which is the big absentee in this year’s generation of cheaper models from Apple. Adaptive refresh changes everything as you interact with the phone, and it’s rather difficult to switch to a smudge image at 60Hz. It looks like the iPhone 14 Max will be completely neutral.

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Why doesn’t the iPhone 14 Max have a 120Hz OLED screen?

What is iPhone 14 Max anyway? If you haven’t followed up on the leaks on the new Apple smartphones, I’m in a hurry to provide explanations. It will be a response to users who want bigger screens and don’t want to buy the most expensive model on offer. The smartphone will be equipped with a 6.7-inch screen and will replace the iPhone Mini in 2022.

Why such dilemmas at Apple? The point is that the manufacturer is trying to reduce Samsung’s share of iPhone screens a little. It should be replaced by LG and Chinese BOE. The problem is that both may not have enough processing capacity to provide the LTPO arrays (without going into details – the ones that offer an adaptive update) 300 million smartphones. The goals set by Cupertino will not be achieved until 2023 – too late.

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