Financial support was granted to the authorities in Minsk as part of the new allocation of Special Drawing Rights – the so-called Special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund. Swiatlana Cichanouska, who advocated not paying until free elections, opposed the allocation of Belarus.

despite of New penalties from the site from the United StatesAnd Great Britain I Canada And calls of opposition leaders not to donate this large amount to the administration Alexander LukashenkaBelarus will receive financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund and will become one of 190 countries to receive funding from the International Monetary Fund to rebuild the damaged economy.

IMF support in fighting the coronavirus crisis

This assistance is linked to the implementation of the International Monetary Fund’s decision on Monday (23 August) on the largest ever allocation of Special Drawing Rights – Special Drawing Rights among IMF member countries.

“This largest reserve allocation ever in the IMF’s history will provide additional liquidity to the global economy by feeding member countries’ foreign reserves and reducing their dependence on more costly domestic or external debt,” the IMF managing director said. Kristalina Georgiou.

“Countries can use this money to rebuild economies and fight the crisis (caused by the coronavirus pandemic – ed.)” – inform.

Belarus (still) is eligible for financial assistance

Many countries, including members of the European Union, have declared the elections held in Belarus in 2020 invalid, and the current government considers the exercise of power illegal. That is why many financial institutions in whole or in part refused to cooperate with Belarus.

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As part of the SDR allocation, all IMF member countries will receive a total of 650 billion US dollars. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund has limited access to SDRs for countries like VenezuelaAnd Burma I Afghanistan, arguing that the issue of legalizing power in these countries has not been fully resolved.

SDR allocations are intended to support the global economy in times of crisis. By following certain rules and procedures, the IMF decides whether a country qualifies for financial support or not. Belarus currently meets the criteria, but US sanctions are likely to prompt the International Monetary Fund to reconsider its position on allowing Minsk to join the programme.

Previously, he was one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition Swiatlana CichanouskHe appealed to the President of the International Monetary Fund and the Secretary of the US Treasury Antonio Blinkina o Preventing the current Belarusian authorities from accessing SDR funds until new free elections are held in Belarus.