Recently, Great Britain has been experiencing very difficult weather conditions. Hurricane Dudley came over the country, bringing strong winds and torrential rain. This, in turn, caused great difficulties in air traffic. And a video appeared on the network showing the dangerous landings in Bristol – strong winds swung the planes from side to side.

Dudley crashes over Europe, paralyzing air traffic and making landing difficult. Yesterday we reported that due to strong winds, two LOT aircraft bound for Warsaw from Bydgoszcz and Krakow were redirected to Budapest. It turns out that there are no weather conditions at any airport in our country that would make it possible to approach landing the first time.

Great Britain must also struggle with the unfavorable weather conditions of recent days. On Wednesday (February 16) at Bristol Airport, due to the storm, the pilots had trouble controlling the planes. Passengers on board had to experience real horror moments.

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Strong winds made it difficult to land in Great Britain [WIDEO]

The recording, which appeared on YouTube on February 16, took place between 12.00 and 14.40. During this time, a series of dangerous landings took place at Bristol Airport. A strong wind blew from a speed of 70 km / h The machines were throwing.

The several-minute video shows, among other things, how EasyJet sways just before touching the runway. There is also a very difficult landing for Ryanair – the wind was literally tossing the hover machine from side to side.

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Pilots controlling TUI charter or small planes also had a lot of problems – they had to deal with cross winds and rain.

The video shared on YouTube has been viewed by over 100,000 people. Some netizens were delighted to land in such difficult conditions, while others did not hide their horror.

Amazing recording. Congratulations to the pilots.

– A landing full of horror!

Thank God all the passengers got home safely.

– Real madness – we read in the comments under the recording.

Meteorologists predict that after Hurricane Dudley over Great Britain, Hurricane Eunice will occur, which will cause a snowstorm. There will also be strong winds in some parts of the country, with speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour.