The media widely reported the case of a Polish man, known in the media as RS (the media does not provide the man’s data, for his family), who was staying in a British hospital.

Thursday evening Deputy Justice Minister Marcin Warshaw informed that Polish authorities were on their way home to hand over a diplomatic passport to the Hungry Pole in Plymouth.. As determined Friday by Wirtualna Polska, the passport is already in place at the Polish consul in London.

“We feel sorry for the patient and his family.”

Meanwhile, the University of Plymouth NHS Trust Hospitals, where the pole resides, released a statement about RS’s condition.

The facility spokesperson explains that “the main role (of the facility – liberator) is to provide the best care to patients, and take care of their safety and well-being.”

Moreover, the advertisement describes the condition of RS, accurately describes his health status and confirms that the patient has been examined by various doctors (including specialists from outside the hospital).

The hospital also mentions the dispute within the Republika Srpska family and cites the court decision regarding the man’s status (let’s remember that According to the court’s decision, the Polish person was subjected to extermination measures for a week In the UK patients are in a vegetative state or comatose due to the death of the brain’s spine).

“Hospital care and RS treatment are fully in line with court rulings. We continue to ensure the continuation of comprehensive care, as we do with all patients at the end of their lives. We feel sorry for RS and his family members. It’s a very difficult and tragic situation for everyone involved” – more details.

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