Perhaps this is just the beginning, and Polish clubs will have to get used to the fact that the period when the vast majority of stars decided to play only in PGE Ekstraliga or eWinner 1. LŻ and was available to coaches all season is slowly coming to an end. Everyone hopes that the epidemic will subside by the spring, and that will mean a return to the rhythm of matches.

Although the English motorway transfer window will run throughout the winter, it is already clear that local clubs are boldly seeking access to players who will also play key roles in the Polish league.

Let us remind you that the PGE Ekstraliga regulations prevent a further influx of stars into the Premier League, which prohibits participation in more than one foreign league. For this reason, the vast majority of Poles chose Sweden, where there is much better access, in addition, you can count on higher earnings.

Beautiful sight

Max Frick (Fallopaz), Charles Wright


Jason Doyle (Union L), Troy Batchelor (Union T), Anders Roe (Stal J), Eric Rees (Landshut), Danny King, Cameron Hibbs, Paul Stark

Kings Lynn

Peter Kildmand (beginning), Josh Pickering (Collegers R), Richie Worrall (Stal Rice), Thomas Jorgensen, Louis Kerr, Jack Thomas, Richard Lawson


Chris Harris (PSŻ), Benjamin Basso (PSŻ), Hans Andersen, Scott Nichols, Ulrich Ostergaard, Jordan Palin, Michael Palm Toft

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Jack Holder (Abator), Tobiasz Mosilak (Wilkie), Adam Ellis (Lokomotiv), Craig Cook, Kyle Howarth, Stefan Nielsen


Sam Masters (Kolejarz R.), Drew Kemp (Coastal), Leon Flint