This is the fourth edition of the Speedway of Nations, which has replaced the team’s World Cup on the motorway calendar.

– I hope it will be the last – says Leszek Tlinger, our expert and former motorsport activist. – After what I saw on Friday and Saturday in Latvia, I have no doubts. Let’s give it up. There is no point in having this party. It’s time to get back to normal for the DMŚ.

Andrzej Witkowski was a huge supporter of SN, but today we must state clearly that this is not the case. You had to stick with DPF. There was a time when it was dominated by Poland, but in many sports it was about the dominance of a country and no one bothered with it. DPŚ was definitely more interesting, and it was within the reach of a fan. I hope the new promoter will immediately put him back on the calendar – Tillinger emphasized.

Much of the controversy in the SON rules provides a provision regarding mandatory start for juniors. For example, American Blake Borrilo traveled half the world to participate in … one race in Latvia.

“It’s crazy and unacceptable,” says Tillinger. – I would like to know who came up with such stupid coding. This is a senior tournament and I don’t understand why the rookies should go by force, just downgrading the entire competition. It doesn’t make sense for them to go in one race. This one start won’t strengthen the opponent anyway. I am horrified that someone came up with such a regulation, someone wrote it, approved it, and someone decided to put it into effect. I don’t think someone has an idea of ​​the highway,” Tlinger concluded.

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