Kate Bush and her villain “Running Up That Hill” hit the charts with one scene from Stranger Things. Fans figured out why the song affected Max (Sadi Sink). Get your tissues ready!

Everyone who watched The fourth season of “Stranger Things”, Maybe they can’t stop listening to the song anymore Kate Bush “Running That Hill”. When the song appeared in the series, it gained popularity very quickly (again).

“Stranger Things” Made “Running Up That Hill” It was at the forefront of live broadcasting platforms in the United States, Great Britain and many countries around the world. surely TikTokerka explained why the song affects us so much.

Kate Bush and “Running Up That Hill” in “Stranger Things”

relax, There won’t be many spoilers hereSo people who haven’t watched the fourth season of “Stranger Things” can rest easy. However, we must reveal that in one of the series’ scenes we can see how Max (Sadie Sink) frees himself from Vecna’s actions by listening to his favorite song, Kate Bush.

You will learn how Vecna ​​chases Max in the previous article devoted to this monster. In short – everything is connected to the end of the third season of “Stranger Things”, where The half-brother of Max Bailey has died.


Why does Max react this way to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”?

all because of Phrase: “And if only I could, I’d make a deal with God / And I’d make him exchange our places” (“If only I could, I would make a deal with God/Convince him to change places”).

Max only She loves this song because she would like to trade places with her brother Billy and die for him. I must admit that the whole scene in this reading is more emotional.

So don’t listen to baby boomers laughing at guys who listen to Kate Bush. It’s really worth listening to this song if you don’t know it yet. When you see this scene from Max in “Stranger Things” and think of the script “Running Up That Hill,” You will definitely be moved. As someone wrote in the comment: “Oh my God, this is so sad” and I don’t think you can add anything else here.


Oh, and I would just add that Kate’s song has also been used in another Netflix series – “Pose” – and I highly recommend it. Especially now that it’s Pride Month!