Netflix has announced the release of the first episodic episode of the popular series, Bridgetons. The heroine of the film will be the young Queen Charlotte, and the plot will focus on her path to power. In the series, we will see Golda Rochevel, Edjoa Andoh and Ruth Gemmill, known from “Bridgerton”, who will play the roles of Queen Charlotte, Lady Agatha Danbury, and Lady Violet Bridgerton.

The role of the young queen fell to India Amarteview. The action is set to begin when Charlotte arrives in London, where she is betrothed to the mysterious King of England against her will. Immediately, he soon learned that he was not the type the royal family was expecting. By learning to live in a palace and accompany her unpredictable husband, Charlotte grows to become one of the most memorable royalty in Europe.

The script for the spin-off “Bridgerttons” was written by Shonda Rhimes, who will also be the introduction to his show. The series, which will also be a prequel to “Bridgertons”, will tell the story of the great love of the Queen and the King, and will show the mechanics of the moral changes that led to the creation of the known world of the famous Netflix. Produce.

Cory Melchrist (“The Martian”) will play young King George. A handsome, charismatic and mysterious ruler is always subject to the constraints imposed on him by the crown. His attitude to the world will change thanks to the new wife with whom he will share power and a bed. However, he will have to face his own hidden demons.

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In the cast of the series, we will also see the well-known Michelle Fairley from “Game of Thrones”. You will play Princess Augusta, a woman determined to maintain power in her family at all costs and ensure her son’s standing as king in an increasingly changing and modern Britain. Arsema Thomas as young Agatha Danbury, Sam Clemmett (Young Brimsley), Richard Cunningham (Lord Bute), Tunji Kasim (Adolphus), Rob Maloney (Royal Doctor), Cyril Nri (Lord Danbury), and Hugh Sachs (Older than Brimley). ). (PAP life)

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