The government is analyzing the issue of shortening the working week and does not rule out offering such a solution. yes pointed out Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Boda.

Thus, Boda referred to the question of reducing the weekly working time in an interview with Polsat News. He stressed that such a proposal “emerged much earlier, and the left talked about it, and we mentioned it.”

However, for this idea it is necessary to analyze, we have already made such calculations. This is not at all possible – Buddha said on the graffiti show.

The minister emphasized, however, that shorter working hours always meant a certain decrease in the competitiveness of the economy.

In response to a question on the topic of shortening the working week, he indicated that this issue falls within the jurisdiction of another ministry. It is related to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy headed by Marlena Mallig. The minister said that the ministry is already conducting such analyzes.

Less working time

Referring to the information that many countries have already started operating a 35-hour work week, Boda said:- This is always a kind of lowering the competitiveness of the economy and should be fully taken into account. Added:

Timing is important. The question is when should this be done, because I have the impression that there are very difficult times for the economy, for the business, and I think also for the employees. So the question is: Is this the best moment, and if this solution is to be offered, perhaps with a transition?.

There are also many possible solutions when it comes to the exact form of shortening the work week. When asked what it might look like – for example, whether work on Fridays will be 3-4 hours shorter, or whether the last work of the week will be free at all – Buda said:

These are variables. An interesting alternative for me is, for example, a longer vacation. This will also allow for a final reduction in the working week of the year.

He also added:

There are a lot of solutions here, because there are a lot of “code advantages”, so here you have to think (…). You have to come up with a reasonable solution with all the stakeholders, there are social groups of stakeholders, and you have to discuss – added.

On whether the government plans to develop and introduce the idea of ​​shortening the working week before the parliamentary elections, Boda said:

I don’t want to prejudge this, it is indeed a political decision. We are required to work through particular ideas, demonstrate solutions, demonstrate threats and advantages, while the political decision decides what it should look like..

In many countries, incl. In Iceland, Japan, Spain and Great Britain, experiments are being conducted to shorten the weekly working time. Primary analyzes indicate that productivity is maintained or improved. Also, some companies themselves offer reduced working hours while maintaining the level of bonuses.

Another country offered a 4-day workweek trial and deemed it successful