The league season ended not only in the European Championships. The last matches have also been played in the University League in the USA, where Michel Podgorzak, the former KPS player from Siedlce, performed very well.

Michel Podgorzak, A former KPS Siedlce volleyball player, moved to the US in 2018, where he championed the colors of Limestone College in the University League. His team did not perform at his best last season, but the player himself could be very happy with himself.

Limestone College, in a game formula that has changed slightly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has recorded 12 wins and 11 losses. This isn’t the best result, but Podgórzak still has reasons to be satisfied. On an individual level, he did a very good job – in defense stats, he scored an average of 3.31 defenses per group. Thus he improved his own record by ten hundred.

The Libero was also appreciated by the league’s coaches. At the end of the season, there was a vote in which the coaches chose the best players for each position and in the individual elements of the volleyball vehicle. In the Libero ranking, Michał Podgórzak took second place, while he was third in the vote for Best Party.

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