On Monday, May 16, a message appeared on Blackpool FC’s social media from Jake Daniels. The soccer player revealed that he is gay. “I’m ready to be myself and be free and make sure of all this,” he told the BBC.

– I’ve had girlfriends in the past to make all my mates think I’m straight, but it was just a huge cover-up. At school, people even asked me if I wasn’t really gay. I said then, “No,” Daniels admitted in his statement.

Prince William responded to the 17-year-old midfielder’s decision on Twitter. “Football should be a game for everyone,” he wrote.

“What Jake did takes courage and I hope it helps break down barriers that have no place in our society,” he added.

Prince William concluded: “I hope his decision to speak out will give others the confidence to do the same.”

FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League also reacted to Daniels’ exit earlier.

“Really brave, honest and inspiring. Well done Jake. The European football community is with you”, was posted in the UEFA feed on Twitter.

Entering UEFAUEFA Entry – twitter.com/UEFA / press materials

“The world of football is with you, Jake,” he wrote on the English Premier League Twitter account.

Entering the English Premier LeagueEntering the English Premier League – twitter.com/premierleague
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