For the first time in history, a black convertible fan will perform in the NFL’s largest professional football league.

Justin Lindsey, 29, is a black transgender woman who cheers for the Carolina Panthers “TopCats,” becoming the first transgender cheerleader in the NFL. Lindsay will debut in September 2022, as announced in March of this year on her Instagram.

“I would like to thank (…) the dancers who have supported me, my family and my friends (…) for your love. I would not have reached this point in my life without your support. (…) I will never forget and can’t wait to show you all I have to offer. Thank you To you TopCats, the dream has come true.”

Following the news of joining the “TopCats” cast, BuzzFeed gave an interview to Lindsay. In it, she talked about the feelings that accompanied her while posting the entry on IG. The cheerleader admitted she was “terrified” because “there are things you can’t post.”

While Lindsay has received many messages of congratulation and votes of support, she has also been subjected to comments and harassment on social media. In one of her posts she decided to refer to them. “Thanks to all my haters who think I’m failing the organization, apparently not,” she wrote on Monday, June 6th.

“The Carolina Panthers is an excellent organization that supports all people: white, black, yellow, trans, straight,” she said, adding that she would continue to inspire others to act. transgender. “So please remember your etiquette and understand that if you can’t say anything nice, keep it to yourself,” she concluded.

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The organization they hired also noted negative comments towards Lindsay. “Lindsey is a member of the team because of her talent as a dancer,” she stated and emphasized that “all TopCats are recruited based on their qualifications and skills,” regardless of age, race, religion, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation or origin.

As we read on The Guardian, black cheerleaders remain in the minority in the NFL, as are the men who were first hired in 2018 for cheerleading positions.