Big changes in “Dancing with the Stars”? The 19th edition of the British show will be appearing on TV soon. As the Daily Mail reported, this time we can see a male couple on the dance floor. It is considered the British comedian Alan Carr and the athlete Tom Daly, who aroused great interest during the Olympic Games.

One of the most popular TV shows, “Taniec z Gwiazdami” has been re-produced in many countries, including Poland. Already in the fall, Polsat will broadcast the twelfth edition of the dance show. On the court floor are, among others, Oliwia Bieniuk, Magdalena Kajra Kajrowicz, Piotr Mróz, Radek Liszewski and Sylwia Bomba. It turns out that although the Polish version of the show is full of surprises, even bigger changes are planned in the British format.

In Great Britain, “Strictly Come Dancing”, namely “Dancing with the Stars”, has nearly twenty seasons. Recordings for the 19th edition of the dance show will begin soon. Last season, viewers saw two women on the dance floor – Olympic champion Nicola Adams and Katya Jones danced together. The station is now considering creating its first male-to-male pair.

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Two men will dance together at Britain’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

According to the “Daily Mail”, the production of the program revealed that in the upcoming version, viewers will see a male couple on the dance floor. The stars have not been named, but talks are known to have taken place, among other things, with comedian and actor Alan Carr and tower-jumping athlete Tom Daly. The two men went out some time ago.

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Tom Daly confessed to being gay in 2013. He is currently the father of a boy named Robbie Ray, whom he raised with her husband Dustin Lance. Tom is very popular among the public and his social media profile is followed by a large group of fans. Recently, he also attracted the attention of the whole world at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The British delegate was greeting you while he was sitting in the stands. It’s no wonder that what viewers expect most is his participation in the show.

Do you think that such changes will be introduced in the Polish version of “Dancing with the Stars”?