On Wednesday, the third day of the BNP Paribas Poland Open will take place. Polish representatives will be present at the Arka Gdynia clay courts.

Rafai Smolensky

Veronica Valkoska

PAP / Marcin Gadomski / Pictured: Weronika Falkowska

On Monday, Weronika Falkowska was thrilled with her first win on the Women’s Tour. On Wednesday, he will fight for the quarter-finals. Her competitor will be Tamara Korbach. The German won a three-hour match against Belarusian Olga Gorkowa on Tuesday. Valkoska’s meeting with Corbach is then scheduled for 15:00 on the main court.

First, two meetings that were scheduled for the first stage will be held in Gdynia. Slovakia’s Viktoria Kozmova will play Russia’s Warwara Graciva at 11:00 in the main arena. On the other hand, Belgian Marina Zaniuska and American Jimmy Loeb will go to the first court. The latter is one of the six tennis players who were eliminated in the qualifying round, but made it to the main category as a lucky loser.

And then there will be three meetings for the second round. Apart from the Valkoska-Korbach duel, Slovakian Anna Karolina Schmiedlova and Hungarian Anna Bondar will fight for the quarter-finals. At the end of the day, a Slovak-Roman duel between Kristina Kokova and Irina Barra was planned at this facility.

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Polish women will play the doubles tournament on Wednesday. In the first round match, Magdalena Froch and Katarzina Kawa will play at 13:00 on Court 1 with a pair of Alon Fomin and Terez Mrdez. Then there will be the quarter-finals with the participation of the duo Katarzina Peter and Katerina Bondarenko, and their opponents will be Jimmy Loeb and Eden Silva.

Fans can buy tickets through the portal eBilet.pl. The broadcast from Wednesday’s matches (including the Valkoska match) will be broadcast on TVB Sport. Reports from Gdynia on the WP SportoweFakty portal.

BNP Paribas Poland OpenGdynia (Poland)
WTA 250, clay courts, total prize pool 235.2 thousand. dollar
Wednesday July 21

Schedule of matches for the third day (Wednesday) of the WTA 250 Championship in Gdynia:

Central Court

From 11:00 am
– Viktoria Kozmova (Slovakia) – Varuara Graziwa (Russia 7).
Anna Karolina Schmiedlova (Slovakia) – Anna Bondar (Hungary)

after 15:00
Wironica Valkoska (Poland, L.P.) – Tamara Korbach (Germany)
Kristina Kokova (Slovakia) – Irina Barra (Romania, 10)

Card 1

From 11:00 am
Marina Zaniuska (Belgium) – Jimmy Loeb (USA, LP)

After 1:00 pm.
Magdalena Froch (Poland) / Katarzyna Kawa (Poland) – Alona Fomina (Russia) / Teresa Merdiza (Croatia)
Jimmy Loeb (USA) / Eden Silva (UK) – Katerina Bondarenko (Ukraine, 4) / Katarzina Peter (Poland, 4)
Olga Gorkawa (Belarus) / Alexandra Sosnowicz (Belarus) – Tamara Korbach (Germany) / Theresa Mihalikova (Slovakia)

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