Diablo Chairs is a brand that needs no introduction. They ended 2020 with unique fun for their fans – the first release of Diablo Chairs 2020 Plebiscite, which picked the best YouTube user last year.

Logo gaming chairs Diablo chairs Stand in rooms and offices around the world. It is definitely the most preferred brand by YouTubers, professional esports players, and celebrities. Poland’s coveted gaming chair manufacturer is constantly working on designing new models, desks and accessories – from a pencil case or mug, to a T-shirt and hat with the Diablo Chairs logo.

The brand has been collaborating with different types of creators for years and regularly appears in various events, such as Intel Extreme Masters, PGA or Pyrkon. Last year, the producer team had no chance to meet his fans. If so, Diablo Chairs handled the matter differently – staging a poll in which fans could choose their favorite YouTuber.

Youtube fan favorite Diablo chairs To … MafiaSolec Games!

The winner of the first edition of the Diablo Chairs Referendum 2020 in this year’s YouTuber category was Mafia Solec Games’ channel, which acts as one of several MafiaSolecTeam channels. The authors can also be considered as MafiaSolec. The total number of subscribers to the channel exceeds 600,000 and is constantly increasing. It’s an exceptionally loyal fan community, at a rate of up to 40 percent. From the votes cast in the referendum came from them.

For the authors, the adventure with YouTube began in August 2011, when the first Kacper Balcerzak channel, MafiaSolec, was created, taken from the Masovian village of Solec in Gostynin, and the trio who formed the channel after that. The beginnings were filmmaking for music, and, as the author himself recalls, it was thanks to the purchase of better equipment that he was able to produce new films and record the works of later farmers. Then a second channel was created, Team MafiaSolec, where GoPro camcorder vlogs appeared. Kacper grew up in the countryside and hence his passion for farming, which not only treats him as hard work, but also great fun. Both channels, the MafiaSolec and MafiaSolec team, are attached to the culture. Bronczek, MrAdamo15, Tanas, or MafiaSolec Team all record episodes together.

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Kacper spent much of his free time creating maps for Farming Simulator. It was then that the idea of ​​creating the third channel, MafiaSolec Games, was born, which has been the most active channel in recent years. For the past six months, films have appeared on him twice a day. From creating maps to early releases of Farming, by Simtractor, to Farming Simulator 2019 – it’s been many years working on the channel and creating a huge community.

Kacper makes no secret that he loves and admires his fans. Among the channels participating in the survey, MafiaSolec Games’ community of viewers was the largest and most willing to win over youtuber favorites.

The author of the MafiaSolec Games channel decided to take part in the poll because, as he says himself, he had nothing to lose and wanted to test his strength against other YouTubers. Winning will certainly allow him to set his goals higher and encourage more frequent participation in competitions. As Kacper says, the statuette prize, nestled between YT’s silver buttons, is the essence of hard work.

Today, the team spends many hours each day sitting in chairs. As a hobby recording turned into several hours of work in front of a computer, it became imperative to sit comfortably and safely. Kacper owns a total of three Diablo Chairs, but he considers this model his favorite X-Player 2.0.0 UpdateHe is currently working on, and appreciates especially for the ability to make fine adjustments.

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Referendum 2020 Diablo Chairs The players’ favorite chair appeared.

Form Diablo X-Player 2.0.0 Update, Admired by Kacper Balcerzak, became Seat of the Year in the first edition of Diablo Chairs Referendum 2020. It was a response to the needs of fans interested in the fabric armchair with the Diablo Chairs logo.

The manufacturer added a unique design, several colors and three sizes, creating the undisputed winner of 2020, matching perfectly with the brand’s slogan: The Devil’s in the details. The gaming mouse pad turned out to be a fan favorite.

The poll will stay with the Diablo chairs permanently.

The aim of the first edition of the Diablo Chairs 2020 Referendum was to create an event that would engage YouTubers with Diablo Chairs and their followers. Choosing This YouTuber of the Year, distinguishing between last year’s premieres and highlighting the successes and innovations that emerged in 2020, is fun with competition that is exciting both fans and YouTubers. The end of 2020 is the period of two actions for Diablo Chairs – Santa Diablo and Plebiscite, which will be permanently included in the brand’s events calendar.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Diablo Chairs brand