We recently wrote about the possibility of a freeway return in the field competition at Swedish Linkoeping. Unfortunately, news on Wednesday from Great Britain saddened many fans of “black sports” in this country and abroad.

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Somerset Rebels

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It turns out that the owners of Somerset Rebels withdrew from running the club and sold their facilities. Let us remind you that the activists of this center decided to withdraw from the tournament in the first half of January. But at the time, the team’s license was only “frozen.” In the end, the owners decided to make a devastating decision for fans of motorcycle racing in the British Isles.

It is with a sad heart that I inform fans and sponsors that the Hancock family has decided to leave the British Highway and that the club in Somerset will no longer operate. I can assure everyone that without the Covid-19 pandemic, we would not be in the situation we are in. In addition, I would like everyone to know that we will not sell the center because it was a very personal project our family has been building over the years, Somerset Rebels promoter Debbie Hancock said in a statement posted on the club’s social media site. modes.

The owner adds that the epidemic hit the center financially, because activists were unable to open it and thus work. We must add here that weddings, parties, business conferences, funerals and much more were organized in the big club. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, this activity was not possible.

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“I’m sure there will be people who won’t believe me, but we didn’t even announce the sale of the property and it all started with a random conversation my parents Bill had in February that led to a potential buyer coming up. This was a month after we asked to “freeze” our license for the 2021 season, due to concerns About the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. We discussed the offer with the whole family and, frankly, it was very painful, because the sale of this position had never crossed anyone’s mind – he adds

Later, the activist would like to thank everyone who has helped Oak Tree Arena activities for years. She also expressed her gratitude to the band’s other promoter and manager, Gary May. She also confirmed that after the sale of the inflatable bands, which included all fans, the money obtained would be donated to charity and the activities of their partners – Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance. Finally, Debbie Hancock announced that the decision had been made and the entire family would not comment on the matter anymore. However, according to the letter, the new owner is not interested in continuing the motorcycle racing tradition at this venue, which means that this property faces a very uncertain future.

Remember that in the past decade, the Oak Tree Arena, where the Somerset Rebels compete, was held regularly the day before the Cardiff Grand Prix, the second-tier pairs championship (more recently the Championship, formerly the English Premier League). As it turned out, the tournament held on September 20, 2019 was the last of this rating to be played at the said facility. The Glasgow Tigers (Craig Cook and Rasmus Jensen) were victorious in the final, followed by the Leicester Lions (Scott Nichols and Ryan Douglas).

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Let’s add that Somerset Rebels were one step away from the Premier League Finals in the 2018 season. In the semi-final competition, the Rebels lost to Poole Pirates by just two points on aggregate. But this year, they managed to win the competition for the knockout cup in the Premier League, and in the final they turned out to be better than King’s Lynn Stars. They competed in the UK’s top league in 2017-2018, moving to the Championship for the next season. Everything seems to indicate that the rematch in the league semi-final against the Glasgow Tigers (which they lost by six points), which took place on October 2, 2019, was the last in the history of this club.

Wednesday’s decision is another blow to motor racing fans in Great Britain. Many famous and distinctive objects have disappeared from the map in recent years. Since 2016, Coventry Bees, Brandon’s iconic stadium where the SGP tournaments have been held for over 20 years, has been unused and increasingly demolished. Additionally, Stoke Potters and Rye House Rockets have completely ceased to exist in recent years. Thus, in Great Britain, where several dozen centers have been active for several decades, the ash map is seriously shrinking …

Filled Oak Tree Arena stands during the Premier League duo tournament, July 8, 2016 (Photo: Tomasz Juskowiak)Filled Oak Tree Arena stands during the Premier League duo tournament, July 8, 2016 (Photo: Tomasz Juskowiak)

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Is the end of the Somerset rebels bad news?

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