Adele dressed the man for her birthday party. She chose the British pop icon. Do you guess who really is in the picture?

On May 5, Adele celebrated her 33rd birthday with her best friend. Due to the lifting of most of the epidemiological restrictions in Great Britain, I was able to celebrate this important day in a private residence, surrounded by famous friends, including rapper Drake. The dances continued with the colored drinks until the morning.

Underwear was also on the list of attractions. A Christmas party friend, British poet and performer Laura Dockrill, revealed Adele in her first batch, before wearing a La Pointe lime coat for $ 2,500 (roughly 10,000 zlotys), and picking him out for him with a snake pattern, which is black. A jacket and jewelry, worth $ 650 (2,500 zlotys), masquerading as her beloved pop star.

Photo of Adele in full makeup can be seen on Laura’s Instagram. Dockkrill herself stands behind the singer dressed as Beetle Juice. As Laura admits, one of Adele’s virtues that she values ​​most especially is her distance from herself. As friend Adele explained figuratively:

Who did the famous British star look like? Well, for another famous British superstar …

Adele never made a secret of her admiration for George Michael. As she revealed in one of the interviews:

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George Michael passed away on Christmas Day 2016, at the age of 53. However, when you look at a picture of Adele disguised as a pop star with a totally unique and clear voice, you can really go wrong … did you recognize her in this disguise?