The company’s first film project he founded Davida Bakama There will be a document … about the same. A few months ago, Studio 99 signed a contract with Netfliks and the movie is slated to be released on this platform. The proposal to make a documentary about the British footballer came from Netflix and may have helped Beckham start a new venture.

But that isn’t the only project Studio 99 is currently working on. The three-part mini-series “The Boots of World War” promises to be super fun. The documentary tells the story of the legendary feud between the Dassler brothers, who founded rival shoe companies in a small German town. One of them was named Adidas, and the other was named Puma. The two feuding brothers fought each other for over 40 years and never reconciled. The rivalry between them created a culture of animosity between adidas employees and Puma and also divided their hometowns.

Beckham’s next movie project will be shown on Disney +. The famous soccer player will be a mentor to the young footballers of London. Casting for this production takes place at Hackney Marshes, which is an amateur football mecca in the capital of Great Britain.

Let’s add that in previous years, David Beckham appeared in supporting roles in several feature productions. Mostly – perhaps in a friendly way – in Guy Ritchie’s films (“Code Name UNCLE”, “King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword”).