Author: Marius Mucha / Super Express; Rutkowski Patrol
The False General took my son! Drama Katarzina from Kraśnik

Every day, Katarzyna Czarnacka (40 years old) from Kraśnik (Lubelskie Voivodeship) wakes up hoping to finally see her son Marcel (9). The boy lives with his father, who makes their communication difficult. Allegedly Kisor F. (59) He is … a diplomat and general in the US Army. – It’s a disguise – Detective Krzysztof Rutkowski concludes with short words.

Mrs. Catarzina left several years ago for work and a more interesting life for Great Britain. With a master’s degree in pharmacy, you have never had a hard time finding a good job. over there, At the pharmacy window, I met Kisur F. He made the impression on her a wonderful, handsome, eloquent, gentleman in every respect. Then she could not predict how dramatically this story would turn out and how this man would change her life.

He introduced himself as a great American soldier – He remembers those moments. They started dating. The man made sure that Catarzina did not fall out of admiration for him. He tells her that he’s also a diplomat, an American officer, and that he’s made a lot of money and would like to spend the rest of his life with her. – He knew what to say, and how to behave to charm a woman – the resident admits years later Krasnik.

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Scammers often tell such stories on the Internet, deceiving women (and men), loving each other, promising a common future and golden mountains. But this guy was real: he looked good, he made a great impression. What prevents a young woman from falling in love with such a man…?

They moved to live with each other, and nine years ago their son appeared in the world. Unfortunately, over the days and months, as Ms. Catarzina says today, more and more pictures of the immaculate “diplomat” figure appeared. He wasn’t interested in our baby, he didn’t work, and I had to support him. I often thought he was neither an officer nor a diplomat – the 40-year-old admits today.

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Katarzina argues that she tried to save the relationship, and tried to provide Marcel with a normal and full family. She failed and went back to Poland some time ago. It was followed by Kisur F. They tried to live together, but did not try to live together. At home, he was a tyrant who wanted to rule and did nothing – he says. But outside the house…

– He got everyone by playing a gentleman from America. Play the role of a diplomat or an officer of the US army, he was in uniform! – Describe. Krachnik “Salons” welcomed him with open arms. Worst of all, he got out of town, took his son with him and cut Marcel from his mother. – It’s his fetish. He presents himself as a soldier, a diplomat, for a boy of this age it is of great importance – says the mother.

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Katarzina finally met her chosen one. Today she asks herself. He argues that 60-year-old Kiszor V. even obtained a US passport when he married an American woman many years ago. “In the meantime, he can’t even swim, he’s a soldier!” – Concludes.

Boro Rutkowski became interested in the case. The famous detective decided to help Mrs. Catarzina and expose the deceived soldier and diplomat. – There is no one with this name or title who wears an officer’s cut in the US Army – Make sure Krzysztof Rutkowski. His people caught Kisz V. Driving an old BMW around Kraśnik, he wrote on his recording “CD” next to the EU flag, although there is no such sign. – We had the movie “Where’s the General” and we had “The Consul”. Now we have this guy. But it is not a comedy, as the famous detective concludes. He declares that this is not the end of the matter. What will be the end? The court battle between the parents over Marseille continues.


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