Schipler power plant, photo: press materials

Renovation work on the Art Nouveau facade of the Karol Scheibler power plant in ód has been completed. The monument is the focal point and heart of Fuzja – the former Lodz factory complex revitalized by Echo Investment. The building’s façade has been restored and its damaged fragments restored, and the windows contain stained glass that hints at the original glass. Original architectural details have also been found from the power plant chimney.

The first works on the monument’s façade began in 2019. Given the scale of damage to the building over the years, its façade required comprehensive protection measures. Today, nearly two years later, the power plant is back in style. The original brick, most of which has been preserved, has been restored, while the faults in the façade have been supplemented with clinker bricks. Huge stained-glass windows in the original window frames blend beautifully with the monument’s restored facade. The new glass indicates the original and includes colorless and colored elements: green, blue and honey-straw. Restored chimney towers 80 meters above the entire complex. The restoration design for the power plant’s historic façade was carried out by RESTAURO Pracownia Conservation of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture. An alliance of Mudanta and Maorma Myron Keeler is responsible for carrying out works related to the renovation of the walls of the power plant.

– When we started working in Fazjah, the extent of the damage to the power station was great. We had to immediately protect the building from further damage and start the necessary repairs. We really wanted to recreate the original look of the power plant and preserve as many historical elements as possible. We cleaned the original bricks whenever possible. Archival photos were very useful in the renovation of the facade, thanks to which we were able to preserve the artistic value of the building, the stained-glass windows and the decorative details on the chimney – says Anna Malarkczyk – ArchdioceseAl-Fawzaja project manager. We are currently working on an interior design concept. The power plant is a unique place and deserves an exceptional use of its potential. At the moment, we are studying the various variants of the arrangement of this historical space. We definitely want the power station to be a place full of life. It pleases the eye and serves the people who will spend their free time here – adds the project manager.

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Currently, work is underway on the power plant related to the construction and arrangement of a new city plaza – one of many planned common and open spaces in Fusja. The new urban courtyard is located close to the power plant, and creates a unique space for meeting and social activities. The power plant box can be seen in person already in the second half of this year.