Until April 19, residents of Szczecin can see the exhibition “Historical Plans for Spatial Development of Szczecin”. It was organized by the City’s Spatial Planning Bureau, thanks to cooperation with the National Museum in Szczecin and the State Archives.

Szczecin over the years

The gallery mainly displays maps that show the Szczecin image and the spatial and economic changes taking place in the city, from the Middle Ages to the present day. An important point of the exhibition is the insights that can serve as inspiration in planning future changes in Szczecin. The Old Town and Łasztownia area along with the neighboring apartment complexes were taken into consideration.

Changes and development of Szczecin

The exhibition is part of the social debate to study the conditions and trends of spatial development of the city, which we have written the most about. Here . The changes planned in Szczecin relate to investments that will be implemented in the next 30 years. The main trend is climate, environment, communication, space and comfort of everyday life for residents.

A city council photo in Szczecin

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