“Hrabal na Elektoralna / 53 Years After” is an evening dedicated to Bohumil Harbal, organized on the 53rd anniversary of the author’s only meeting in Poland, said Magdalena Denko of the Promotion Department of the Mazovian Institute of Culture (MIK) for PAP.

As we explained, “This year the main guest will be Agnieszka Holland – author of international award-winning films.” The information indicated that “her new film, Charlatan +, received 14 nominations from the Czech Academy of Film and Television for the annual film of the Czech Lions.”

Ukasz Maciejewski will manage the meeting with Agnieszka Holland. Karolina Groszka will read excerpts from the book “Trains Under Special Supervision,” and the music will be performed by saxophonist Lasik Udo.

Screening of Jerzy Menzel’s film “Trains Under Special Supervision”.

Free tickets can be booked at: www.bilety.mik.waw.pl.

As stated on the MIK website, “On March 7, 1968, the only meeting of Bohumil Harbal took place in Poland.” “The event was held in the building at 12 Elektoralna Street in Warsaw, the same site as MIK today. After the meeting, the film + Special Supervised Trains + was shown – based on a story written by Bohumil Hrabal – which was shown a month later, which won an Oscar” – took place Write it down in the information sent.

“We have been remembering the atmosphere of that meeting and the character and works of the Czech writer for several years every year in March, inviting translators and experts in Polish and Czech literature, writers and artists – filmmakers and theater makers. We remember 2020 in particular – not just because of the epidemic, but mainly because we had it. A distinguished actor and our friend Voicek Bzonyak, who brilliantly read Harpal’s prose.This was the last performance before the illness and death of this great artist.

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The meeting will start on March 14th on the 19th at MIK headquarters, but it will also be available online (streamed on Facebook and YouTube channel MIK). (PAP)

Author: Grzegorz Janikowski

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