The European Union has once again consolidated its leading position among the world’s largest exporters of agri-food products. In terms of imports, the European Union has become the third largest importer after the United States and China.

2020 was a very difficult but successful year for EU trade in agri-food products, which amounted to 306 billion euros: exports 184 billion euros and imports 122 billion euros. Both above values ​​increased slightly, by 1.4 percent, respectively. and 0.5% compared to 2019.

International trade has played a major role in mitigating the devastating economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and has proven to be a key tool for increasing resilience. The European Union is the largest trading bloc and its position in global trade is based on an extensive network of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

Promoting open and fair trade is a political priority of the European Commission and brings significant benefits to our farmers. It is clear that the success of trade in agricultural products is linked to the Common Agricultural Policy, thanks to which competitiveness and innovation are supported, said Janusz Wojczowski, Commissioner for Agriculture.

The increase in EU exports of agri-food products in 2020 was mainly to China, Switzerland and the MENA region. The value of EU exports declined further to the United States, Turkey, Singapore and Japan.

In 2020, the UK was the EU’s most important trading partner in agri-food products, with a share of 23%. In total agri-food exports from the European Union and 13 per cent. In the total imports of these products to the Union.

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Press Department
European Commission. Representation in Poland